Eric Mohr (awefreak) wrote in ieee_region4,
Eric Mohr

Back to Hard Work

Hi everyone,

Well it's back to the grind for us all.. but the weekend was a great getaway and excellent learning experience . I'm really happy I got to know all of you and we had time to let loose. If anyone gets near Milwaukee let me know and we'll get a drink or something.

We had a social event last night, went to BW3s for cheap wing night. The culture of apathy prevails once again and we only had 6 people show, one person that wasn't an officer, and technically he's not even a member of IEEE. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

Thanks Crystal for setting up this this journal thingy. It's is a great idea, but somewhat hard to navigate. Hopefully everyone can adapt, or we could look into setting up a forum somewhere.

Enough for now, keep in touch,
Eric Mohr
IEEE Vice Chair
Milwaukee School of Engineering Chapter
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