BLACK MAMBA (skadd4life) wrote in ieee_region4,

How to join and make a post

Here's some quick instructions on how to get started on using this message board:

1.) Create an account

2.) Add this community to your "Friends List" by going to:

and click on the "click here" (to join) link at the top.

3.) To make a post, go to:

and make sure you are logged in. Then mouseover on "Journal" and click on "Update".

4.) Write your post, then at the very bottom of the page (This part is important) select the drop down menu "Post To" and click on "IEEE_Region4". If you don't do this, then your post won't get added to the community but to your own "journal" and everyone else can't read it. Then click update.

That's it!

Link to this community:
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