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Seeking an innovative engineer! [29 Nov 2005|07:32am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


I hope that you will think this comment appropriate... I'm seeking an experienced R&D Electrical Engineer for a Consumer Electronics Company. If anyone has a suggestion about how to find such a person, or people to recommend, I'd much appreciate hearing from you!

The ideal person will have a background in analog circuit design, with some type of audio orientation - AM, FM, RF, IR, etc. Full details at: www.cstreetsearch.com/positions.htm.

If you know someone who would be qualified, and I'm able to place him/her in this role, I will be happy to make a $500 contribution to any non-religious charity of your choice - in your honor - at the time I receive my commission.

Feel free to be in touch with me anytime I can be of assistance, as well!

Arnie Fertig, President
Centre Street Associates, Inc.

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stuff at Wayne State U [30 Oct 2004|02:16am]
[ mood | creative ]

Hey guys!

We just had our halloween party on Thursday, but unfortunatly we had a fire in the building and a lot of people left when the fire trucks came and kicked everyone out for 2 hours! But those who did stay had a great time. We sold a lot of raffle tickets and got a few people a bit more interested in joining.

I actually stayed home tonight (on a friday night...what!!!??) to study and finish my costume for a party tomorrow, hope everyone has a fun halloween!


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Back to Hard Work [20 Oct 2004|07:49pm]

Hi everyone,

Well it's back to the grind for us all.. but the weekend was a great getaway and excellent learning experience . I'm really happy I got to know all of you and we had time to let loose. If anyone gets near Milwaukee let me know and we'll get a drink or something.

We had a social event last night, went to BW3s for cheap wing night. The culture of apathy prevails once again and we only had 6 people show, one person that wasn't an officer, and technically he's not even a member of IEEE. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

Thanks Crystal for setting up this this journal thingy. It's is a great idea, but somewhat hard to navigate. Hopefully everyone can adapt, or we could look into setting up a forum somewhere.

Enough for now, keep in touch,
Eric Mohr
IEEE Vice Chair
Milwaukee School of Engineering Chapter
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How to join and make a post [19 Oct 2004|12:36pm]

Here's some quick instructions on how to get started on using this message board:

1.) Create an account

2.) Add this community to your "Friends List" by going to:


and click on the "click here" (to join) link at the top.

3.) To make a post, go to:

and make sure you are logged in. Then mouseover on "Journal" and click on "Update".

4.) Write your post, then at the very bottom of the page (This part is important) select the drop down menu "Post To" and click on "IEEE_Region4". If you don't do this, then your post won't get added to the community but to your own "journal" and everyone else can't read it. Then click update.

That's it!

Link to this community:

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[18 Oct 2004|09:32pm]

Hi guys!

I created this community in hopes of better connecting all of our chapters. Feel free to post anything you'd like in here: fundraising ideas, chapter news, conference information, pictures of your chapter or the Fall 2004 S-SPAC at Purdue, engineering jokes etc.

Hopefully this will be a good resource for everyone. It's aimed at Region 4 but anyone can join.

Crystal Nassouri
IEEE Wayne State University, Detroit
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